At the Packhouse Market Bakery we bake a range of French Style breads and pastries for each Saturday Market.

With the exception of the Ciabatta and Focaccia loaves our breads are leavened using my Sourdough Starter which was born and raised here in Kerikeri around 12 years ago.

The traditional Sourdough Boule is leavened using 100% Starter only…..where all of the others have a small % of Fresh Yeast included in their mix.

Our Croissant range also include a large % of Sourdough Starter in their dough, which helps to give them quite a unique flavour.

We also bake a range of individual Tarts, a Quiche, the ever popular Doughnuts as well as Merran’s now famous Date and Cheese Scones.

Also, from time to time we like to slip something new into the range with our Coffee Croissant (Coffee Custard filling, Coffee Glaze and Walnut Praline) being the latest offering.

By 7am on the morning of the Market most of the breads are ready to be sold, then progressively through the morning the  Croissants, Baguettes, Scones, Fougasse, Cinnamon Swirls, Tarts and Doughnuts are offered warm from the ovens.

The Croissants are usually ready to be sold at 7.30am with the first Baguettes at around 8.30am.

We look forward to serving you soon and should you wish to talk with me don’t hesitate to poke your head into the hot and steamy kitchen, no matter how busy I may seem!

Keith the Baker