stallholder spotlight sunshine orchards

We moved from Germany to NZ. In Germany I had no idea where my daily fruits and veggies come from or when is the season for what. We bought an Orchard in Kerikeri (Puketotara Road) and started growing nearly everything what you can grow for every season. Off course as we were “Green horns” we had a lot to learn and made some mistakes. But now after nearly 25 years I can say that we made a lot of progress. We try to keep our products spray free. But sometime we have to take actions before we would loose our crop to the insects. We are using organic sprays as much as we can. We love working outside and enjoying the nature and it is every time fantastic to see things growing just from a little seed. As you can’t grow everything in your own garden we are supplying our customers also with products from other growers in this area.
As Germans we love Sauerkraut and I make it from an old recipe of my grandmother. I am selling it at the market and my customers always asking how to cook it. Now they can also buy “precooked Sauerkraut” from us. (Of course raw Sauerkraut is healthier) But in Germany we eat it cooed with mashed potatoes and sausages.Just yummy.
We are at the Old Packhouse market since the opening and we are happy to be a part of it. But the most important thing is that we love our customers and all there little story’s. So just let me give them a big thank you. Thank you for your support even on rainy days. And last but not least we like to thank Judy and Warwick who made all this possible. There are doing a very good job.
Looking forward to see you on Saturday
Birgit, Roger, Marc and the team from the Sunshine orchard.